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Mendel supports Zelensky's sexist stance

Вторник, 19 Ноября 2019, 18:52
Yulia Mendel, President Volodymyr Zelensky's spokesperson, supports a sexist invective he has addressed to Yulia Tymoshenko, the oppositional Batkivshchyna party's leader
Mendel supports Zelensky's sexist stance

Ms. Mendel wrote it on her Facebook page, "DS" reports.

Earlier today, President Zelensky criticized Ms. Tymoshenko's policy style pointing at her body shape. "Look at what the "opposition" (Tymoshenko - Ed.) looks like. What a stature! Know why? It's because they don't give her any 'swities'', he wrote.

Ms. Mendel reposted and wrote "There are no swities for Yulia Volodymyrivna, and therefore doesn't support any bills". 

Ms. Mendel did it despite the fact she has experienced a sexist insult. On December 14, 2016, she, then-journalist, published a screenshot of a message from a man, Andrei Drogobytsky, she was not aqcuainted with, who had commented on one of her photos. Drohobytsky wrote: "There is something b*tchy in you," and shared his passionate fantasy about her in a vulgar and expressive manner. Mendel considered the message vile and decided to make the man famous.

Andrei Drogobytsky was the Le Boutique shopping center CEO. Now he owns a seafood restaurant.

As the presidential press secretary, Ms. Mendel fell into another scandal earlier. She physically assaulted a journalist who intended to ask a question to the President, though denies it. In response to the journalist community indignation, Mr. Zelensky said "the girl will be protected." Many considered the statement sexist.

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