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NABU investigators have no idea what they are investigating, but they are forced to demonstrate some result - Pysaruk on VAB Bank case

Суббота, 21 Декабря 2019, 11:55
Oleksandr Pysaruk denied NABU's accusation concerning VAB refinancing case. He considers, it will be easy to prove his viewpoint, since the defendants had no motives, and documentation contradicts the charges

NABU investigators have no idea what they are investigating, but they are forced to demonstrate some result.

The ex-deputy chairman of the National Bank and the chairman of Raiffeisen Bank told this in an interview to the EP. "Unfortunately, investigators are lacking understanding", Oleksandr Pysaruk said. They demonstrate a lack of understanding concerning financial stability, stabilization loan, why it is issued, what the function of the central bank is, what powers central bank has, what it can do, what it cannot. I think so. They have just spent a long time for this investigation, and it is necessary to show some result. I have no doubt that we made correct actions. This takes some time, as these are legal procedures.

Oleksandr Pisaruk stated that NABU could not find the motives for the crime or prove the facts of wrongful profit: "If you watched the court session, it was broadcast, you saw that there were no real facts that would prove a "criminal conspiracy" between the shareholders of "VAB Bank" and the staff of the NBU. Because they do not exist. There is no evidence of any illegal benefit for me or other members of the National Bank, and this fact is stated by Mr. Sytnyk - Director of NABU. "

In addition, Pysaruk also denied allegations of NABU concerning the ex-management of VAB Bank and its ex-owner, Oleg Bakhmatyuk, for misuse of refinancing funds received from the NBU. "The loan was paid to all guaranteed depositors. The National Bank recently published this information and confirmed that during 18 days, about 80 thousand people received this UAH 1.2 billion. Within the capacity of the National Bank there was a decision concerning UAH 1.2 billion for payments to guaranteed depositors, this was done". According to him, the loan was designed for repayment exclusively to guaranteed depositors and contained a large number of restrictions on transactions. "It was secured by a pledge of property and had an external appraisal and two reviews. Two. It happens infrequently, I do not remember when the National Bank required two reviews," said Alexander Pisaruk.

Earlier, NABU's allegations in the case of Pysaruk-Bakhmatyuk were refuted by the findings of mortgage valuation assessments, reports of the Deposit Guarantee Fund and statements made by NBU, and the suspects' attorneys stated that motives for this case are purely political.

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