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Putting Oleh Bakhmatyuk On Wanted List Is Illegal And Indicates The Conflict Of Interests Of The Nabu Director, - Statement

Пятница, 22 Ноября 2019, 15:08
NABU put Oleh Bakhmatyuk, VAB Bank ex-owner, on the national wanted list
Putting Oleh Bakhmatyuk On Wanted List Is Illegal And Indicates The Conflict Of Interests Of The Nabu Director, - Statement

Bakhmatyuk's company states the announcement is illegal and politically motivated: in this case, Artem Sytnik has a direct conflict of interest, and he is up to press the witness to avoid losing the NABU Director's chair.

"We consider putting Oleh Bakhmatyuk out on a bulletin to be legal nonsense, because at first a suspicion should have been handed over, which in fact didn't happen - the NABU sent a suspicion heaven knew where, and didn't hand it in according to the procedure established by applicable law. We draw attention to the gross procedural violations that Artem Sytnik, the NABU Director commited, occur amid a corruption scandal related to Mr. Sytnik himself.

Today, a trial was to be held where an appeal would be considered in the case of Sytnik's elite rest at someone else's expense. Artem Sytnik wanted to reverse the decision of the court of first instance, where he was found guilty of a corruption act. In the event of the final confirmation of his guilt, Sytnik will not be able to occupy the post of director of NABU after being put on the register of persons who committed corruption offenses, and will be forced to resign. But Artem Sytnik did not come to the court of appeal, and the judge of this court recused himself.

This case confirms the statement on the conflict of interest existence with Artem Sytnik in the VAB-bank case, because Mykola Nadeyko, the key witness who had paid for the NABU Director's elite vacation, testified against Sytnik, which is confirmed by financial documents. Mykola Nadeyko - adviser to Oleh Bakhmatyuk's sister. He stated that the Sytnik, through an agent, asked him to change his testimony in this case. Nadeyko refused to give false testimonies and said he was ready to pass a polygraph to support his testimony, already proved by the investigation. Sytnik is obviously using the case of NABU against Oleh Bakhmatyuk to press the witness. We believe that one of the main motives for such NABU Director's actions is the fear of losing his post. Artem Sytnik is ready to commit gross violations of the current legislation, as is in the case of putting Oleh Bakhmatyuk on the wanted list.

We emphasize that NABU's putting Oleh Bakhmatyuk on the list is politically motivated and legally absurd. Our layers will challenge it in court."

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