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HACCU conceals COVID cases: Hundreds of lawyers and prosecutors at risk

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5 contract COVID at HACCU. No warning issued by court to alert NABU/SAPO employees, attorneys or visitors of danger

No NABU or SAPO employees who have been in contact with Individuals testing for positive COVID 19 are Self-Isolating.

Over the past two to three weeks, the High Anticorruption Court of Ukraine, which only employs some 40 judges, has been відвідали by at least 20-25 SAPO prosecutors who might in their turn have been in contact with about a hundred NABU employees including the leadership of both institutions, as reported by Depo.ua. Journalists claim such misconduct not only broke the law but also trampled all imaginable moral principles, while practically all HACCU judges, SAPO and NABU employees now have to submit to testing and self-isolation. Furthermore, over the past two months at least three judges have tested for positive COVID 19 including court leadership. Not even lawyers working with HACCU case files were told. At the same time, no NABU or SAPO employees, who have been in contact with those individuals, are self-isolating.

"Either they didn't know, and that opens up a new chapter in the story of HACCU's honesty, or they did and were ignoring those reports (that would raise concerns about Sytnyk and Kholodnitsky's integrity). It's next to impossible to imagine that SAPO or NABU leadership weren't in on it though. We can therefore clearly state all three anticorruption institutions have turned into a biological weapon in the heart of the nation's capital", concludes the media outlet.

    Реклама на dsnews.ua