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Truba announced a new suspicion for Poroshenko

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The State Investigation Bureau is preparing a suspicion for ex-president Petro Poroshenko

The SIB's head, Roman Truba, says his department thinks Poroshenko could illegally appoint Sergiy Semochko as the Security Service of Ukraine head's former deputy, according to "Ukrains'ka pravda".

"The preparation of the second draft suspicion for Poroshenko is ongoing. This case concerns the illegal appointment of Semochko. We are at the stage of preparation of this project," said Truba.

According to him, the Bureau has already carried out investigative actions that can prove "a possible crime in Poroshenko actions."

Truba believes that the fifth president, Petro Poroshenko, is responsible for all the scandals associated with the SIB.

As DS reported earlier, the Telegram-channel "Truba burst" there were recordings of conversations, which were allegedly recorded in the office of Roman Truba. The SIB head stated that these tapes were fake.

    Реклама на dsnews.ua